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Your website is visual identity to your propects and the cornerstone of your business success. Whether you’re looking to get it working for you right out of the box, or you have the need to revamp an an existing one, you’ll want to make sure it is done professionally in accordance with your set business goals.

We are fully equipped to work hand in hand with your brand to build an insights-driven website design that will help you achieve your desired business goals. Your victory is our success, and so your goals is of course our goals. Together we can set your brand apart from its competitors.

our team of website designers maintains a perfect and reasonable balance in the information, images and dynamic multimedia to produce matchless results that fulfil the set goals. With our experience in content writing and SEO services, we have the capability to provide you with a striking, easy to use & user-friendly and professional website that is result driven.

78% of people cites a company website as a critical factor for deciding the credibility of a business.

Looking For A Website Design Company in Lagos

Over the years, We seen so many companies make the wrong choice of a website design company. Initailly it might look cheap but a wrong choice of website design company can cost good business deal at the long-run. We don’t want to see you make such costly mistake.

A Poorly executed website design will as stated will cost you more at the long run. Your company desires the skilll of a Professional website design company with right blend experience and skill to achieve a  value driven website design.

There is a science to good websit design, and a good website design company is worth the cost and will make sure to explain every part of their reasoning to you during the process so that you can fully understand how and why things will work or won’t work. Your start with making the right choice of a website design company

Qualities Of a Professional Website Design.

Features includes limitless customizable sliders and carousels which ensures your pages stay dynamic and interesting to your audience while showcasing your featured or most recent content to a broad audience at the same time.
We are known for clean and fresh-faced design that is robust and reliable, intuitive and easy to use. Mobile-friendly to the core and inherently cross-compatible, Our website designs renders flawlessly on devices and browsers.

Website design Consultation.

We want to ensure you get the very best service we can offer and outcome for your website. Call us on 08026387711 for more information, or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation. We will contact you by e-mail or phone to arrange a time to meet you in person, or schedule a phone call to talk about your unique website needs. we may also ask for further details about your Business before generating a final quote.


 We strive to bring our core values into every interaction with our customers and every website design project undertaken by website Design company. Also ensure that our core values are represented in the day-to-day life of our employees at work.

Our Website Design team is ever committed in helping your business make the most of the digital revolution. We provide you with a customised and a well-crafted web presence. A professional website design that will make your company stand out from your competition and increase your company revenue and goodwill.

Our Website Design Strategy

Our strategy involves having a clear understanding of your brand message. We ensure that such message is relevant to your potential clients. Thereafter, we work closely with you to ensure your website is developed with sales projection in mind.

Website design plus seo services for a Stunning Results

SEO services greater Website visibility for the company. This measures how high up in the SERP your website appears for certain search words in the ‘organic’ results. This refers to those that appear naturally on the page, rather than in the paid-for sections.

Building a strong site architecture, providing clear and easy navigation will help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also, more importantly, provide visitors with a good experience of using your website site and encourage repeat visits. It’s worth considering that Google increasingly passion Google is paying to user experience, including mobile optimisation and site speed.

The landscape of SEO services and expectation is changing with fast, it requires the competency of a digital marketing agency with right blend of experience and skill. Bizcomtec soluitons is here to help you navigate the unpredictable terrain. Whether it’s a new change in Google’s algorithm, or dealing with semantic natural language search, or implementing the latest accelerated mobile page technology, we have you you covered.

Thinking of Managed Website Services?

The increasing digitization of the enterprise has been accompanied by the explosion of web services and applications sourcingand provisioning options.

Depending on their goals and business models, companies have distinct expectations for their work within the development, deployment, and management of Internet services and apps, but they’re united in the need for reliable, secure, and stable infrastructure.

Website designers nigeria

Setting Goals Of Effective Website Design Project.

A successful website design requires an effective, sustained marketing strategy beyond presenting a collection of products, services, images, videos or other files. That means your website design should be focused on specific goals, along with measurable objectives to attain them.

Every company has a unique marketing goal consistent with its operating environment. For instant, a primary goal for a business offering professional services to other companies might be to generate more leads and possible convert to clients. on the other hand, an art or photography site might focus on attractively showcasing new work or selling it online.

Regardless of your business, start by listing specific website goals and corresponding objectives that fit your overall marketing strategy and capabilities.

Responsive Website Design

Your website visitors are not only searching the web on a desktop – they are equally using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs.

Responsive Website Design means that your website will be viewed from various mediums, devices and therefore you need to ensure that your website is designed is responsiveness in mind.

Responsive website adapts itself to fit any screen, making viewership seamless between various mediums. If your website is not responsve it will morph to fit the screen in which it is being viewed from. It negates the need to pinch or scroll horizontally and overall, provides visitors with a great UX while on your site.

A company website that is not responsive will lead to some serious damage to your business. Users visiting a site with slow load time will be turned away. Furthermore, if your site’s content is all jumbled when viewed on mobile device, visitors will more likely think your business isn’t credible.

How to choose a Good Website Design Company

Once you recognize that the internet is a competitive market, you will take every step to ensure that your customers have the best brand experience online in order to be successful.

Consumers today have a variety of platforms to choose due to the phenomenal changes that have taken place in the social and mobile web. The task of finding a web design company that can deliver has never been as daunting as it is today. There is a fine line between success and failure when it comes to setting up and operating a website online today.

Pricing For Website Design

PERSONAL Website Design
From >N50,000
Great for personal websites
Mobile Responsive Website
Customized Premium Theme
Website Preview in 7 Days
Free Domain
Security Protection
Cloud Backups
Built with Visual Composer
Advanced SEO.

From >80,000
Our most popular package
Mobile Responsive Website
Custom Designed Theme
Website Preview in 7 Days
Free Domain
Security Protection
Cloud Backups
Built with Visual Composer
Advanced SEO.

From >250,000
Get all the bells and whistles
Mobile Responsive Website
Custom Designed Theme
Website Preview in 14 Days
Free Domain
Security Protection
Cloud Backups
Built with Visual Composer
Advanced SEO
E-Commerce Ready.

From >N300,000
Perfect for growing E-commerce stores
Mobile Responsive Website
Custom Designed Theme
Website Preview in 14 Days
Free Domain
Security Protection
Cloud Backups
Built with Visual Composer
Advanced SEO
WooCommerce set up
Product imports

What We Offer

Front End Development
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Content Management System
Bespoke UI Design
Mobile Responsive Development
Blog Integration
Live Chat Integration
Photo Gallery Integration
Graphic Design
Technical Support

Our Technologies
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