Strong online presence starts with your Logo

Establishing a strong online presence is key to solidifying your brand in a marketplace. But building an online presence and establishing a successful brand requires, first, a solid foundation of visual identity. The first step in establishing that identity?— a professional logo design.

Starbucks Company is a stunning example of what a universally professional logo can do for the global success of a brand. But remember, the logo is just one piece of a company’s identity. In order to stake a claim in today’s massive marketplace, companies have to digitally brand themselves. This starts by incorporating logos into web design.
We are living in an age of information overload—a cold-hard truth that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. As a result, quick, clear dissemination of information is now crucial to a brand’s success in the digital marketplace. Digital branding is, therefore, dependent on the use of impactful images—images which identify, but don’t explain; images which allow a lifetime of memories and experiences to flood the mind in a matter of milliseconds; images which are interactive and have the ability to bring a brand to life on the screen. Logos are these Design

Incorporating logos into web design has thus become an integral part of global branding. Well-executed logos should invoke a sense of trust and loyalty in the company, and the best designs around the globe are the ones dialing in on this. Take, for example, Apple, Coca-cola, and Microsoft. These powerhouse brands all have a firm handle on logo-integrated web design. In fact, more often than not, logos for these companies function as the home button for the site. So essentially what you have here are the same logos, which invoke feelings of trust and security in a company, now being used to invoke similar functions and feelings on the web.

Concluding,establishing a strong online presence is paramount to establishing your brand. But establishing an online presence and building a successful brand requires, first, a strong foundation of visual identity.

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