SEO Conversion strategy: Stay ahead, Get Noticed

SEO Conversion strategy: Stay ahead, Get Noticed

It’s not enough to get traffic to your website. It makes little sense to make a large investment in SEO if your website isn’t built to sell. That’s why conversion rate optimization becomes a key consideration when laying out an SEO strategy.

SEO Conversion strategy must provide analysis of critical pages on your website where people make first contact, buy, sign up, or ask questions, determining how well the copy, design, and overall user experience

Seo Conversion task:

Conversion Audits
We start by taking stock of how well your pages are performing, looking at key metrics like traffic, bounce rates, time-on-site, micro-conversions, and actions taken.

Content Strategy
Mapping out your content across the marketing funnel is the best way to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Once you’ve done this, you can then lay out a prioritized strategy to address.

Content Optimization and Split-Testing
Content must be optimized not only for SEO, but to earn the greatest returns. To find your best variants, you’ll need to split-test alternatives, choosing key elements to test against one another based on best practices.

Landing Page Optimization
Em landing pages to find opportunities for improvement across all elements of copy, design, layout, and call to action.

Collecting all of the knowledge gained so far, it’s time to create mock-ups of proposed changes to make it easy for every stakeholder to understand.

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