How to optimize your email campaigns

How to optimize your email campaigns

If you’re even remotely associated with online marketing, you’re bound to have executed an email marketing campaign. The success of email campaigns will depend on various factors such as the email’s subject line, the from name/address, the content of the email and the offer you present to prospects.

The biggest challenge most outbound mailers face is carefully targeting their audience and successfully delivering the email to the reader’s Inbox. With more than 97% of the daily email generated considered spam, your first task is just to get the message through spam filters.

If your audience doesn’t recognize your “from name” or “email address,” he/she is far more likely to delete it upon receipt or for the email to get deleted by spam filters en-route. Carefully select your ”From Name and Email Address and avoid using words like offers, free, profit, success, etc.

Once your email is delivered, you have to first entice your customer to open it and then give them a reason to read it. With the average person receiving 75-100 emails per day, it is important to keep your email short and your content relevant. This helps get your email noticed and cut through the Inbox clutter.

Your next job is to get the reader to click on the different call-to-actions within your email. Make sure your content reads well, there are no typos, and your offer(s) are both compelling and targeted, in order to maximize the click-through rates.

Finally, a professional message crafted to strict design standards, conforming to CAN-SPAM laws, featuring an action-oriented subject line is sure to drive engagement and increase return on your investment.

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How subcribe to our email marketing services.

Step one: Choose your plan and make payment.

Pricing :


Package Size of contacts Price
Starter 25,000 contact N50,000
Standard 50,000 contacts N100,000
Standard Plus 100,000 contacts N200,000

Multiple campaign gets 20% discount and 15% Additional discount for further re-send.

Payment in favour of :

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Step two: Forward design details like:

Company name/sender’s name
Emails address
Telephone numbers
Campaign design or if any.
Product/services details.

Step 3: Designing of HTML template.

Our team design a HTML campaign and forward same within 24 hours.

Step 4: Approval and take-off

Once our design is approved and date campaign take-off agreed, Our team will proceed to send your campaign.

Request for repeat campaign attracts 20% discount!.

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