Digital Marketing Agency, Website designers in Lagos

From designing beautiful Websites / Mobile application that brings results, to crafting digital marketing strategies to flawless implementation. Bizcomtec solutions have established itself as a leading web application development digital marketing   Company in Nigeria.
For more than 10 years, we have consistently delivered highly optimized solutions and services across a wide range of industries. Our expertise includes Professional web application development, Web security, Dedicated website management, Content creations, Research, Integration, Analysis and Planned implementation. 
Our skills and experience fine-tuned over more than ten operations have helped us adapt latest technology trends. Our strategy is anchored on insightful analysis of our client needs.
We then develop a persona-based approach and a brand story creative model to connect their brand offers with their target audience. This makes us a perfect blend and creative art and technology.
Behind every brand is a unique story. Our perfect blend of aesthetic and technical skills which has helped us deliver sophisticated and user-centric web applications over the years is what you need to tell that story.

Our Hallmark

We skillfully blend art and technology for a mutually rewarding user experience. We are a trusted, creative and reliable web application development and digital marketing company.

Our work enhances users productivity and competitiveness while enhancing customers loyalty.

We are committed to high-value delivery by working closely with clients, consistently adopting a user-centred and technology-based approach. our experience over the years has shown this approach enhances return-on-investment for our clients by significantly reducing the time and risk associated with designing and implementation.

We lay strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients and being 100% referenceable as more than 80% of our revenue is derived from the repeated business. Thanks to our commitment to quality consulting and the long-term partnerships we build with our clients and technology partners.

Our Mission

To provide tested platforms and smart solutions that help Small and medium size organisation to launch and sustain compelling digital presence, Drive quality traffic, leads, increase conversion and revenue.


To be the number one company in Nigeria that provides the core need of businesses as it relates to web application development and digital marketing services.

Our Goal

To build a  marketing company that is flexible, with an agile working environment and delivering on its promises.

Our Shared Thought

How to progressively leverage technology and design art in bringing improve service delivery for small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria.

Our Brief

It is a core belief that if the services we bring to the table should represent commensurate value, intense of money spent.

Our Core Value.

Our industry is dynamic and fast-paced. We are challenged to stay at the forefront of the web revolution. That means embracing new technologies, developing new skill sets, and creating new products while sustaining our core values.