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Bizcomtec Solutions- A data-driven content marketing company that develops and manages targeted content strategies from blogs, graphics, and video to SEO

Fact: 74% of companies believe that their content marketing strategy helps them increase the quality and quantity of their leads

Content marketing has become the secret weapon in a successful marketing strategy, with brands using different types of content to add value and grab their audience’s attention.One of the main reasons to invest in a data-driven content marketing strategy is to gain the best possible understanding of the target audience.

A solid content marketing strategy can bring the audience closer to the brand. This can only happen through an agency that takes into consideration the audience’s habits, preferences, and needs.

Our Approach to content marketing is straightforward. It involves an analysis of the available data can help our client draft more relevant personas, which helps in tailoring content to the target audience. Taking the following into consideration:

  • The customers’ reaction to the existing content
    Their favorite types of content
    Their preferred methods of communications
    The channels they are using
    Their browsing habits

Thus, setting up the groundwork for a data-driven approach that relies on insights, rather than assumptions about the target audience.

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