When Your Search Visibility Nosedives.The need to focus on user satisfaction and intent.

A couple of weeks ago, webmasters started to notice changes to their search rankings which many suspected were due to an update to Google’s core algorithm. Google subsequently confirmed this via a tweet to its Search Liaison account, manned by former Search Engine Land editor and Search Engine Watch founder Danny Sullivan. If your content […]

How to generate traffic without Google.

Much like the world of search and the perpetually updated algorithms of Google, the landscape of non-Google marketing sees techniques, platforms and priorities change over time. What hasn’t changed is the importance of understanding how to generate traffic without Google. Google is big, but it is not good to concentrate all your efforts into just […]

Responsive Website Design — All You Need To Know

In this age of mobile gadgets, clients want a website that is compactible with the numerous mobile devices available. Because of the high rate of technology innovations, it would be difficult to create a mobile version of a client website on the various mobile gadgets like iPhone, notebook, android, tablets, blackberry, and others yet to come. Creating a website version for each resolution and […]